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 Dragon Scale Dreams LTD - Fused & Enameled Glass by Maija M Steele, is the artistic culmination of many years designing and creating art in various media including precious metals, polymer clay, sculpture, and the fiber arts.  When I started working in  glass I was mesmerized and quickly realized that this was my passion.

I love working in kiln formed fused glass, creating images, patterns, and textures in glass utilizing crushed, powdered, and cut pieces.  After assembling the glass, it is fired multiple times, then cold worked with hand and power tools before it becomes a functional piece of art, a sculpture, or wearable art.

​Enameling is an ancient form of art that was used by the Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese and many other cultures. The enamel itself is a fine glass powder that can be applied and fired onto metal in many ways to achieve a vast array of results. I enamel on pure copper with opaque and transparent enamels using sifted powder methods to apply layers of very thin enamel color. Each color layer is either kiln fired or torch fired separately, with each piece requiring multiple firings to develop the design and mature the colors.  All of my pieces are unique. My goal in enameling glass is to design beautiful, wearable works of art. 

My designs are inspired by my personal experiences,  landscapes I've seen in my travels, mechanical movements, and even mythology. 

I work in glass because it literally flows, colors can be made to fold and wrap around each other. Light makes the colors in glass rich and delicious, they take on a glow when it passes through. It is as if glass has almost a magical quality to it.

I design my pieces using the flow factor of glass as it goes through the fusing process, incorporating painting and screen printing, reactions between colors, employing variations of layering greens, blues, reds, purples and organic colors.  I continue to explore new ways of expressing myself through my artwork as I evolve.

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